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Updated 23/04/2013

You're the owner of a demanding sense of taste, you love a nice cool drink or beer, or just want to enjoy a romantic moment sharing an exotic cocktail with your partner, you've found the place to satisfy your needs. Restaurant Bar El Jabalí has all the required ingredients to comply with your desires and assure that your visit will be both unique and unforgettable.

Above all because you'll discover that indulging in such pleasures, doesn't necessarily have to be very expensive. Restaurant Bar El Jabalí, offers first class service at affordable prices.

The place is attended by its very owners, which is why you'll meet personalized service and hospitality that will make you feel right at home. On top of that, we personally supervise the quality of the food and drinks served to our customers, to guarantee they comply with the most vigorous standards.

We specialize in international dishes, which is why you'll find several European recepies on our menu, some of them representing certain geographical regions (France, Germany, Italy, etc). Although if, besides that, you're looking for that typical Mexican flavour, our menu also offers an extensive choice of authentic, regional, original, but above all Mexican specialties (more or less spicy at your liking).

Our bar offers over one hundred different brands of liquor and about 30 kinds of tequila, more than any other business in the area. We also manage a variety of cocktails. We invented some of them.

There's live music every Friday night, so you can simultaneously enjoy our exquisite dishes and dance the night away with your partner to the sounds of anything ranging between Latin beats and that everlasting Rock'n'Roll.

For our sports fans, we are equipped with five screens distributed throughout the restaurant so that you can comfortably enjoy your major (or minor) sport event during your dinner or supper.

If you're on a business trip or just would like to be connected to the world at all times via Internet, we offer you a free WiFi connection.

We're open every day and accept all major credit cards.

We're located at Av. Primero de Mayo No. 405, Centro Urbano de Cuautitlán-Izcalli, Estado de México. Our telephone numbers are (0155) 58712724 (fixed line) and (044) 5513843068 (mobile).

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